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Get the Most Exquisite Diamond Semi-Mount Ring for Your Lady

Are you looking for a personalized ring that is unique and coordinated with some great designer qualities for your girl? Well, worry no more. I present to you; the diamond semi-mount ring. This is the perfect, flawless ring to bring together the two halves of your relationship into a unified whole.

A diamond semi-mount engagement ring is a diamond ring that is halfway complete. In other words, the accents and other settings are in place however, it lacks the center stone. A diamond semi-mount ring allows you to create some exquisite settings without having to redesign it from scratch.

The diamond semi-mount ring gives you a far much greater flexibility, unlike the full engagement ring. It gives the opportunity to be able to choose the diamond shape, the carat size as well as the quality stone without having to sacrifice the detail and beauty of the ring.

Diamond semi-mount ring styles
There is a wide range of diamond semi-mount ring styles you can choose from. They include:

Bridal sets
This style has a coordinating wedding band and a detailed setting. It lacks the center stone

Accented rings
This is the most common style of diamond semi-mount rings. They are diamond rings with stylish accents. They can be paired with your choice of center stone. The accented rings pair well with round gems, emerald cuts, princess cuts and even baguettes.

This style is a more popular one. It has an elaborate band with engraving details, a figural design or detailed filigrees. Finding the perfect center stone for your diamond semi-mount ring Before deciding on the diamond semi-mount ring to purchase, you must put into consideration the characteristics of the center stone to pair your diamond semi-mount ring with. The best part is that you have a lot of options to choose from.

You can:
  • You choose to purchase a loose diamond within your budget.
  • You can reset a diamond from an heirloom engagement ring. This is perfect in cases where the size, condition, and the style of the original ring are appropriate.
  • You can also upgrade from a simple engagement ring to a more elaborate style that perfectly fits your lady. This can be done by resetting the center stone into a semi-mount.
Finding the perfect center stone is just half the battle. Go on and find the semi-mount to accompany the center stone. Make that lady smile!!